Yoiko – 9-10 [An]

Well, well. What can I say? Just only a few hours ago I remembered that episode 10 was ready the same time as episode 08, so instead of waiting another week just to release it, I made sure Samika checked it ahead of schedule which in turn gives me more time to work on episode 11. So here you have it, everyone, episode 09 and episode 10. No Yoiko will be released next week due to this dual release but Maicchingu Machiko Sensei 01 may come instead (it’s currently at QC). Cheers.

Torrents: [ Episode 09 | Episode 10 ]

Yay! We are half way done. Another 10 episodes to go.

Yoiko 8 [An]

Random Quote: “Nobody gets excited over seeing naked children.” – Miki.
Reaction: Nosebleeds + Faint. I wonder if fans of Saki have the same reaction since Saki characters are pretty much drawn to look like children.

So Yoiko is back as I mentioned on the sticky… More, much more (until we finish the series, since the encodes are done and in my possession) will be coming soon. At the slowest, I will try for one episode per week.

Torrent: [ Episode 7 ]

In other news… Remember I mentioned we’ll be picking up Machiko Sensei after Yoiko… Well, I decided to start that early. I’ve gotten approval from certain people regarding certain things, and because I already have a vacant timer and the translation for episode 1, I don’t see why not. Of course, it’s a joint with ray=out. Who else is going to edit anime-rg’s translation?

P.S. In case you didn’t know, Yoiko is directed by Oomori Takahiro, the same person who did Baccano and Durarara.

Yoiko 7 [An]

It’s been awhile since our last release, so here is another episode of Yoiko… Next up is episode 8 or Hoshi 1, depending on who is faster… The timer of Yoiko or the encoder of Hoshi. 😛 Enjoy this episode though. Somethings from the opening sequence is explained here. I suggest watching the episode first and then watch the opening again to understand what I mean.

Torrent: [ Episode 7 ]

P.S. In regards to the previous news update, I have decided to pick up Maicching Machiko Sensei as our next project in line after Yoiko (which is virtually complete). This was among a number of choices, but as raws of the others were hard to find, I decided to go with Machiko. I hope you look forward to it.

Yoiko 5-6 [An]

Sperm. Ejaculation. Sentou. Hungry Perverted Young Men. Cute Noguchi-sensei. These are some of the things present in Yoiko episode 05 and 06. Oh, wait… There is also the usual comedic appearances with Jiro. Will Jiro finally be able to masturbate? Find out in these two episode. I’m sure you will be surprised. Cheers.

And no, I did not find someone for these two episodes, but am still looking… These were just done before Jupiter left on his break, and had been sitting on Q&A for months. But thanks to mflatischler, Skrotis, and blakbunnie27, I was finally able to resolve the matter on the Q&A. One thing I discovered was the kansai dialect of Japanese is a very complex language to decipher. So hurray for the native to figure them out.

Jupiter_RingsID, if you see this, return soon. Sick Noguchi-sensei looks hot and I want to know more about episode 07.

Torrents: [ Episode 05 | Episode 06 ]

Yoiko 3-4 [An] & Thanks GT!

To my own surprise, a week prior to the recent release, I received an email concerning Yoiko from this particular person who after 12 years is happy to see the anime subbed in English. Kyle from Geek Tragedy emailed me stating he had seen it long ago when he was in Japan, but after that could not find it anywhere subbed or raw. I would like to thank you GT on behalf of Jupiter_RingsID who agreed to translate it on request, and the four other team members, including myself of ray=out. Without them, and especially Gritoit (not a subber) who first mentioned it, the anime would still not be subbed to this day. That said, I have two new episodes ready for download (was actually yesterday), so if you are able to download from IRC, go to #ray=out on irc.rizon.net. We will not host any of the Yoiko releases on Megaupload, so your option is to download from my bot if you want the early release… Or wait until it gets distributed via torrents.

Edit: It’s out now.

Torrent: [ Episode 3 | Episode 4 ]

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo Batch

Just wanted all of you to know the batch to Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo will be released after we (or rather I) make changes to episodes 1 to 4. Episode 1-4 have some blatant errors and inconsistency compared to my current work on the rest of the episodes, so to keep the same flow, they will be redone (in due time – maybe during the long winter holiday). Thank you for your patience.

Also, I had a few talks with edogawa a few days ago concerning a VVV (Venus Versus Virus) DVD redo, as much as I love the series, I refused the offer to work on it. But, if a potential Editor/Translation Checker (I prefer you know some Japanese) wants to work on that – fix errors and for consistency – please contact us. If we don’t receive any news from anyone, in say a week or two, we will take it as no one is interested in the DVD.

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo – 13 [An]

Here is the last and final episode of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo. Man, it was fun (somewhat) and difficult (most of the time) working on it, but I enjoyed working along with some of the best and nice people I have ever met on-line. I hope they are the same in real life when I visit them in the future as I plan to do with every long-term fansubber I work with. Anyways, enough chit-chat, enjoy the last episode. As for plans for what to do next? I have no clue. anime-rg may as well be dead minus Yoiko for all I know. But, I know I can spark a few lights up their arse to get a move on towards something new (like previous post).

Thanks for downloading.

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Picked Up… Now to wait…

Anime-RG is looking for a translator whether within (since I don’t have direct contact with you, aside from Jupiter) or outside of the anime-rg university club/forums interested in subbing the doujin anime movie short/series Hoshi ni Negai wo. I know I have stated in the comments, I don’t like animes in the moe/harem category, but for some odd reason, I found the art for this anime really captivating.

So far, this is a two part episodic anime, the first episode is called, COLD BODY + WARM HEART while the second, Fantastic Cat, which wasn’t released much long ago. They are about 30 mins each. I don’t know much about the plot, but do know it deals with random Science Fiction elements ♥, some Fantasy elements, and perhaps Yuri. More information about it can be found here (EN) and here (JP).

If it interests you, leave a comment, and I’ll get back in touch. If you are a translator for anime-rg, contact me via edogawa or come onto IRC.

Edit: Anime has apparently been picked up, now I have to wait for it to be pre-timed or translated by “blank.”