Saki ch. 65 [Mg]

Look, it’s out! As promised, here’s the latest chapter of Saki. Next chapter will be published in 3 weeks.

I almost forgot about it, but here are the comments for some pages on this chapter:

Page 8:

  • fidzerone: UOOOOH!!! that’s our mihoko! look at mako’s face :p
  • iamthecheese: I love how Mako is like: ”Whoa, wait a second, I’ve been oblivious all this time to the fact that Hisa is totally railing this chick while I’ve been getting no carpet? FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Also, the sudden focus on Mako suggests that she’s going to do something awesome in the Nationals. Haters gonna hate.

Page 9:

  • fidzerone: “Oooh” and “Tokyo: fused, or something like that :p
  • iamthecheese: Ever noticed Saki’s vague resemblance to Koume from TYM? I could almost see her singing ”Marching Through Georgia” about now.

Page 12-13:

  • fidzerone:  again, poor u kyoutarou, what with this npc-like lines? D:
  • iamthecheese: he’s rivaling TK (Angel Beats!) in amount of dialogues per week.

Page 14:

  • fidzerone: I call you from now on as “NPC 1.”

Page 15:

  • fidzerone: “Bucho-“, i like it, instead of captain, i can feel the love of this nickname to hisa
  • iamthecheese: I concur.

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