D-Frag! ch. 07 [Mg]

New project!

(being done by different team, btw)

Saki 72 will be released once I get over my laziness, stop playing mahjong and start typesetting it.

In meantime, enjoy this lolrandom manga instead. Chapter 1-6 has been scanlated by some other groups. I have no comment about the quality though.

Oh and this chapter (and next one) was edited by unqualified editors. Editors are welcome.


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*Update: apparently I fail at uploading shit.

Maicchingu Machiko Sensei – 1 [An]

Anime-RG and ray=out bring you a sneak peek release of our next project in line, Maicchingu Machiko Sensei. It may not be in Kansai dialect or “reverse loli,” but it is very similar in many aspects to Yoiko. Based on the manga of the same name, Maicchingu Machiko Sensei is “a series revolving around an elementary school teacher named Machiko, who wears a revealing mini-skirt, and is regularly finding herself in accidental sexual situations” – or in this case, panty shots (it’s from the 80s, so it’s not like insert-random-panty-shot-anime).

Now for a little quiz/prize moment to keep you busy from starving for more: the first person to find as many (valid) cultural/real-life references in MMS episode 01 will get an early release of episode 02 (leave your email/contact behind).

Torrent: [ Episode 01 ]
Translation Notes!

Yoiko – 9-10 [An]

Well, well. What can I say? Just only a few hours ago I remembered that episode 10 was ready the same time as episode 08, so instead of waiting another week just to release it, I made sure Samika checked it ahead of schedule which in turn gives me more time to work on episode 11. So here you have it, everyone, episode 09 and episode 10. No Yoiko will be released next week due to this dual release but Maicchingu Machiko Sensei 01 may come instead (it’s currently at QC). Cheers.

Torrents: [ Episode 09 | Episode 10 ]

Yay! We are half way done. Another 10 episodes to go.

Yoiko 8 [An]

Random Quote: “Nobody gets excited over seeing naked children.” – Miki.
Reaction: Nosebleeds + Faint. I wonder if fans of Saki have the same reaction since Saki characters are pretty much drawn to look like children.

So Yoiko is back as I mentioned on the sticky… More, much more (until we finish the series, since the encodes are done and in my possession) will be coming soon. At the slowest, I will try for one episode per week.

Torrent: [ Episode 7 ]

In other news… Remember I mentioned we’ll be picking up Machiko Sensei after Yoiko… Well, I decided to start that early. I’ve gotten approval from certain people regarding certain things, and because I already have a vacant timer and the translation for episode 1, I don’t see why not. Of course, it’s a joint with ray=out. Who else is going to edit anime-rg’s translation?

P.S. In case you didn’t know, Yoiko is directed by Oomori Takahiro, the same person who did Baccano and Durarara.