Picked Up… Now to wait…

Anime-RG is looking for a translator whether within (since I don’t have direct contact with you, aside from Jupiter) or outside of the anime-rg university club/forums interested in subbing the doujin anime movie short/series Hoshi ni Negai wo. I know I have stated in the comments, I don’t like animes in the moe/harem category, but for some odd reason, I found the art for this anime really captivating.

So far, this is a two part episodic anime, the first episode is called, COLD BODY + WARM HEART while the second, Fantastic Cat, which wasn’t released much long ago. They are about 30 mins each. I don’t know much about the plot, but do know it deals with random Science Fiction elements ♥, some Fantasy elements, and perhaps Yuri. More information about it can be found here (EN) and here (JP).

If it interests you, leave a comment, and I’ll get back in touch. If you are a translator for anime-rg, contact me via edogawa or come onto IRC.

Edit: Anime has apparently been picked up, now I have to wait for it to be pre-timed or translated by “blank.”

4 thoughts on “Picked Up… Now to wait…”

  1. so, who’s gonna translate this? Jupiter?
    I’ll talk to fidzerone or erneiz about this.
    Oh btw, we’re start to translating Baka_to_Test_to_Shōkanjū drama cd right here… (is that even necessary?)
    See it soon… 🙂

    1. Probably not Jupiter (he wants stuff timed before hand, hence the delay in Yoiko, so if you have a timer willing to time it to air, then Jupiter might – ask edogawa or myself (via email) for the raws). What ever happened to All Around TYPE-MOON? I believe there are some people waiting for that.

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