Time is of the Essence

Another new year, another new recruitment post but with a slight twist… As you may know by now, anime-rg has been doing Yoiko for a while and according to the reviews from both people who understand Japanese and those who don’t, its a rather fun and entertaining show to see. Though, some are left dissatisfied and therefore want more of its kind. Thankfully, there are still a number of animes out there that suffice for the role and we would like to get our hands on it before it is not available any more in both the internet and stores…

Yoiko 3-4 [An] & Thanks GT!

To my own surprise, a week prior to the recent release, I received an email concerning Yoiko from this particular person who after 12 years is happy to see the anime subbed in English. Kyle from Geek Tragedy emailed me stating he had seen it long ago when he was in Japan, but after that could not find it anywhere subbed or raw. I would like to thank you GT on behalf of Jupiter_RingsID who agreed to translate it on request, and the four other team members, including myself of ray=out. Without them, and especially Gritoit (not a subber) who first mentioned it, the anime would still not be subbed to this day. That said, I have two new episodes ready for download (was actually yesterday), so if you are able to download from IRC, go to #ray=out on irc.rizon.net. We will not host any of the Yoiko releases on Megaupload, so your option is to download from my bot if you want the early release… Or wait until it gets distributed via torrents.

Edit: It’s out now.

Torrent: [ Episode 3 | Episode 4 ]