Yoiko – 02 [An]

As the title of the post says, it’s out. See, I told you, slow, yes, but faster then what anime-rg can do alone. 😀 Now I go for my nap. Also, as a test, let us see how many people are going to stick watching this anime from the 4400 downloaders of episode 01.

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4 thoughts on “Yoiko – 02 [An]”

  1. that was just a wonderful fansubbing, thanks for your work and please keep making the translation of this anime

  2. how you guys looking on getting the rest of the eps timed?
    I have all the raws if you wanted them timed

  3. Raws are not an issue. I have them too. Read latest news on joint team (main team) site for update on progress. If you have, just keep waiting.

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