Yoiko 5-6 [An]

Sperm. Ejaculation. Sentou. Hungry Perverted Young Men. Cute Noguchi-sensei. These are some of the things present in Yoiko episode 05 and 06. Oh, wait… There is also the usual comedic appearances with Jiro. Will Jiro finally be able to masturbate? Find out in these two episode. I’m sure you will be surprised. Cheers.

And no, I did not find someone for these two episodes, but am still looking… These were just done before Jupiter left on his break, and had been sitting on Q&A for months. But thanks to mflatischler, Skrotis, and blakbunnie27, I was finally able to resolve the matter on the Q&A. One thing I discovered was the kansai dialect of Japanese is a very complex language to decipher. So hurray for the native to figure them out.

Jupiter_RingsID, if you see this, return soon. Sick Noguchi-sensei looks hot and I want to know more about episode 07.

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Saki ch. 63 [Mg]

Finally the latest chapter!

Because of several conditions (other staffs being busy, few amount of dialogues, me testing the shiny free mouse, etc), I decided to finish this chapter by my own (apart from translation and edit). Also thanks to one of the ancient staff for providing the raw. With raw paradise is dead, etc I was forced to find alternative source for the raw. As any respectable team out there, there’s no better place to find raw (apart from recruiting staff on-site) than Share and Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark, requiring at least 40 GB of unity/dummy data, is not quite usable here in Indonesia and most of classic (aka non-.ts or BDISO) are still on Share anyway. Searching files on Share is much easier anyway.

So here, latest Saki chapter available. I’ll see if other staffs are willing to do previous chapters. Stay tuned!

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(as usual, complains, suggestions, comments, etc are welcome. Fileshare links are welcome, too!)

(turns out it’s already cleaned but I totally forgot about it. Whoops)

Status on Saki chapter 61-63

First, sorry for lateness. I’m not expecting the progress to be this slow. Basically, the original typesetter was busy with exams and tasks so the job was given to someone else… who uses GIMP. Thanks to that I moved the “edit applier” (er, the one who applies the translation edit to the scans) job to the typesetter and it turns out he works not quite fast enough – hence the slowdown. Add the fact the script need at least two passes edit – first is my edit for fidzlish (translator’s english – complete with literal translation for mahjong terms) to something closer to english (with help from anywhere I can get especially for mahjong terms) and then I pass it to the real editor.

Both chapters 61-62 is currently waiting for my edits to be applied before passed again to the real editor. Please be patient.

In other news, chapter 63 is still being cleaned and translated.