Should we release Yoiko 17, 19 and 20 before the others?

Edit: Out of 19 votes in the poll, only 5 said “No,” while the rest were a combination of “I don’t mind” and “Yes.” The former of which had the most. Therefore, 17 shall be released sometime during this week while the latter two, 19 and 20, in the coming weekend (I had excruciating back pain the past weekend). Episode 16 and 18 may come during then as well.

Edit-2: As I had received the fixed timing for the earlier episodes the very day of the polls deadline, the “skipping” of episodes idea has been terminated. We will resume our orderly schedule plan. In addition, Yoiko will be put on-hold (meaning no releases) until the 12th or 18th of June.

Yoiko – 13-15 [An]

We are now only five episodes shy of the completion of the series. Keep yourself updated this summer by keeping an eye on the project status page and the tracker page. Cheers!

Torrents: [ Episode 13 ] – [ Episode 14 ] – [ Episode 15 ]

Edit: I’ve been told that there have been some slight spelling mistakes for episode 13 and 15 along with wrong credit given to the timer, therefore, the batch files for these episodes will be different than the current.