Saki ch. 58-59 [Mg] (“no qc” edition)


FIX FOR CHAPTER 57: it’s “training camp”, not “boarding house”. Both have same kanji but the former makes more sense. Don’t know why the translator chosen the latter one. Probably because it’s the first to shows up in his dictionary. Sorry for confusion (as if you’re not confused enough by my edit…).

Oh and I also forgot to mention the raw provider is same person as ch. 57 – Finestella from mangahelpers.

Now if I can find proper quality raw for ch. 60 and 61… (these chapters includes PLOT TWISTS. And WTF-ry. Made me went o_o) (hahahah spoiler)

Recruiting translation checkers (and editor)! It’s really easy to join: fix one of our released chapters. 🙁

Editor found.

Ch. 58: [ Torrent | DDL ]

Ch. 59: [ Torrent | DDL ]

Short Explanation on Saki Project

Someone asked this in the channel and quit before I saw him asking (since I was trapped wiki walking certain site).

“I’m officially confused; the last chapter of Saki I saw was 33–how did we get to 57?”

Well, for starter, we started (more or less) at chapter 56. Basically, chapter 34 up to 56 is already (mostly?) covered in the anime.

It might bring another question: will we do the previous chapters?

Answer: I don’t know. Maybe we’ll do it if we get an editor and translator for these chapters. Chapter 52-55 is already cleaned, actually.

Saki ch. 57 [Mg]

Hey look, another chapter of Saki! The edit is crappy as ever. Now with help of a TLC though. And some other sources.

Editors welcome.

Whoops, the DDL link got eaten by WordPress.

Oh and before I forgot again:

  • RAW provider: Finestela (from mangahelpers)
  • Translator: Fidzerone
  • FAIL Editor: edogawaconan
  • Cleaner: Rukaister
  • Typesetter: Rukaister
  • QC and TLC: edogawaconan, Jupiter_ringsID
  • Random helper: cryptw (from Commie)

Added Megaupload link.

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