Wanted: Typesetters for Saki!

If you want to see faster releases of your favourite manga, Saki, help us out. Beginners should check out the MangaHelpers forum and the Nerieru-Scans forum for guides and tutorials. Trust me, learning the basics are dead easy and those two places have great step-by-step instructions. Anime-RG’s goal with Saki isn’t the grade, but fast releases with decent quality.

    To Apply:

If you do have experience editing on your own or for a scan group, please show us the cleaned version (doesn’t have to be your clean), the typeset version, and the raw that you used for any manga you worked on. Files are to be emailed to me directly at jonnyquesty2k[at]gmail.com. This also applies to beginners.

Thanks Iamthecheese and svx for offering support.

Yoiko – 12 [An]

Fuuka Boobs

For almost 10 minutes, you will see Fuuka in this (see the above image) state, thus you have been warned. Make sure to watch the episode with your children asleep, siblings in their room, and/or guardians away from you for at least 12 minutes. We are not responsible for any beatings, groundings, arrests by the police, or any other consequences. Cheers.


Torrent: [ Episode 12 ]

D-Frag! vol. 2 + Takabondo [Mg]

The full volume of D-Frag! volume 2 is now available for those that read entire volumes of manga in one go. This includes the extra which is basically the omake(s). In addition, the takabondo I spoke of last time is also available. It has no relationship with the story of D-Frag! but it does involve (a) character(s) from the manga.

[ Volume 2 Torrent | Volume 2 DDL ]

[ Takabondo Torrent | Takabondo DDL ]