Yoiko’s Noguchi-sensei’s Porno!

Seven years after the completetion of Yoiko, Noguchi-sensei found a surprising opportunity to star in an adult film which she decided to take on. Yoshino Miki, the voice actor of Noguchi-sensei starred as a supporting character in the Hentai OVA, Haitoku Tsuma. She plays Eriko, a voluptuous and big-breasted bitch. If you have not seen it yet, I recommend it. I found it rather strange though at the same time pleasant hearing the same kinds of squeals and sounds that she made in Yoiko. The OVA is two-episodes. She plays Eriko in the latter. And yes, you’ll need tissues!

P.S. I’ve updated the status on Machiko Sensei, so check out the status page.

Yoiko – 19-20 [An]

And we’re done. Would you believe that it took us less time to finish this than Kono Ao?

Once again, I would like to thank all the people that helped us complete this series: Jupiter_RingsID of anime-rg, Waruiko (freelancer; this is not his real alias), kokujin-kun, blakbunnie27 (freelancer), Cecelia, nollarg, pitty (freelancer), PlasticYakuza (freelancer), Anonymous and TeKNO for the raw provison. Anonymous (his real alias will also remain unknown to you) of ray=out and slowa, I mean, edogawaconan of anime-rg for the encoding. Everyone mentioned above are male, apart from our QC, Samika, who stuck with us on the anime all the way through. And yes, she is a real female, not a random fat dude sitting behind a computer in the basement of some unknown country.

Torrents: [ Episode 19 ] – [ Episode 20 ]

Mai Mai Miracle – Film [An]

After about six months in the making, we finally have for you the Mai Mai Miracle film. Our release is based loosely on ARR’s version, however, many things have been changed using the official Chinese and French versions. The involved that deserve thanks for their time and effort are Jupiter_RingsID of anime-rg, Reeds, kokujin-kun, namaiki, nollarg, (Collectr), Samika and Anonymous of ray=out.

It’s available exclusively in 720p and 1080p as we used a Blu-ray source. Grab it now while it’s hot and enjoy! Cheers!

Torrents: [ 720p ] – [ 1080p ] – [ Translation Notes ] – [ Kotoringo – Kodomo no Sekai ]

Yoiko – 18 [An]

Two episodes to go! Expect them sometime next week.

We are still in need of a competent translation checker for Maicchingu Machiko Sensei. Translations are coming in on a consistent basis, but they need to be checked as per the request by the translators themselves.

If you want direct downloads of our releases, check out the ray=out forums. If a specific release is not present, request it!

Torrents: [ Episode 18 ]