Sad News (Temp)

I don’t think I can finish translating the next episode any time soon (by soon I mean, at least in the next three months).

So there you have it. Jupiter will be away (and probably is away) for a minimum of three months… I have absolutely no idea when episode 05 and 06 of Yoiko will be released. It is supposed to be prior to his absence, but Jupiter hasn’t replied, so mostly likely not. He did say I should ask another translator, so I have go hunting again… I have two potential people in my mind, blakbunnie27 (who has helped us with the last two released episodes) or mflatischler, who recommended to watch the anime via his blog. If not either, you and I (for the first time since my very first fansub, I actually enjoy subbing this anime) will have to wait until Jupiter is back OR maybe someone that understands the kansai dialect, has good understanding of 90’s lifestyle of Japan, and fairly good English shows up, we don’t have to wait. 🙂 Translator found. Please check Status page for updates.

In other news, Hoshi ni Negai wo: COLD BODY + WARM HEART may be out as early as in this month.