Shakugan no Shana Audio Drama [Drama CD]

We’re still alive.


Anyway, here’s one of the Shakugan no Shana Audio Drama!

Titled “Shana’s Social Study Field Trip ~Just Like a Night’s Dream~”

About Shana and melon bread. Or something like that.

DDL will follow later when I find ZeroMinuS. o_O

And here’s temporary translation note for this episode. Will be moved when I know where to move it.

Wabisabi: aesthetic sense in Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement

Tsukkomi: a term used in Japanese comedy. Tsukkomi means the “straight” or deliberately unfunny partner in a two-man manzai comedy routine, and also the verbal or physical reprimand he administers to his partner, the boke.

Combustible garbage day: In Japan we can not throw away the garbage as we like. The garbage is generally separated into three category, combustible garbage, non-combustible garbage, recyclable garbage. We also can not throw away the garbage everyday. There’s a schedule for the garbage pick-up. For example, in the translator’s area, combustible garbage is picked-up on Tuesday and Thursday, non-combustible garbage on Saturday, and recyclable garbage on Friday.

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