Recruiting TLC/Editor/Proofreader for Saki

alchemist11 edit (short version): We are need of a translation checker that know the rules and regulations of Mahjong or an editor/proofreader (that should also know about Mahjong) who can make out fidzerone’s translation into proper English grammar. Fidzerone doesn’t want to learn mahjong, so the translation is a bit iffy.

Anyway, interested applicants should send the proofread/translation checked script of Saki 80 to edogawaconan via email at

Chapter 80 and onwards are on hold until we find someone capable of doing the task above. for then be paid our modern check stub generator free software.

Here are some links to help understand Mahjong terminology:

With recent announcement of second season Saki anime, I sure feel like to put this on hold until the anime finished broadcast.

Wanted: Typesetters for Saki!

If you want to see faster releases of your favourite manga, Saki, help us out. Beginners should check out the MangaHelpers forum and the Nerieru-Scans forum for guides and tutorials. Trust me, learning the basics are dead easy and those two places have great step-by-step instructions. Anime-RG’s goal with Saki isn’t the grade, but fast releases with decent quality.

    To Apply:

If you do have experience editing on your own or for a scan group, please show us the cleaned version (doesn’t have to be your clean), the typeset version, and the raw that you used for any manga you worked on. Files are to be emailed to me directly at jonnyquesty2k[at] This also applies to beginners.

Thanks Iamthecheese and svx for offering support.

Yoiko 5-6 [An]

Sperm. Ejaculation. Sentou. Hungry Perverted Young Men. Cute Noguchi-sensei. These are some of the things present in Yoiko episode 05 and 06. Oh, wait… There is also the usual comedic appearances with Jiro. Will Jiro finally be able to masturbate? Find out in these two episode. I’m sure you will be surprised. Cheers.

And no, I did not find someone for these two episodes, but am still looking… These were just done before Jupiter left on his break, and had been sitting on Q&A for months. But thanks to mflatischler, Skrotis, and blakbunnie27, I was finally able to resolve the matter on the Q&A. One thing I discovered was the kansai dialect of Japanese is a very complex language to decipher. So hurray for the native to figure them out.

Jupiter_RingsID, if you see this, return soon. Sick Noguchi-sensei looks hot and I want to know more about episode 07.

Torrents: [ Episode 05 | Episode 06 ]

Time is of the Essence

Another new year, another new recruitment post but with a slight twist… As you may know by now, anime-rg has been doing Yoiko for a while and according to the reviews from both people who understand Japanese and those who don’t, its a rather fun and entertaining show to see. Though, some are left dissatisfied and therefore want more of its kind. Thankfully, there are still a number of animes out there that suffice for the role and we would like to get our hands on it before it is not available any more in both the internet and stores…

Picked Up… Now to wait…

Anime-RG is looking for a translator whether within (since I don’t have direct contact with you, aside from Jupiter) or outside of the anime-rg university club/forums interested in subbing the doujin anime movie short/series Hoshi ni Negai wo. I know I have stated in the comments, I don’t like animes in the moe/harem category, but for some odd reason, I found the art for this anime really captivating.

So far, this is a two part episodic anime, the first episode is called, COLD BODY + WARM HEART while the second, Fantastic Cat, which wasn’t released much long ago. They are about 30 mins each. I don’t know much about the plot, but do know it deals with random Science Fiction elements ♥, some Fantasy elements, and perhaps Yuri. More information about it can be found here (EN) and here (JP).

If it interests you, leave a comment, and I’ll get back in touch. If you are a translator for anime-rg, contact me via edogawa or come onto IRC.

Edit: Anime has apparently been picked up, now I have to wait for it to be pre-timed or translated by “blank.”

Recruiting a backup KAnYw editor & more…

We need an editor for Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo. Please contact us via email, irc, or the recruiting forum. You can find the contact information here.

We also need of an initial seeder, file-share uploader, and trigger bot. As always, we also need distro bots and dedicated seeders.

Please keep in mind that most of the RG team lives around the world. Therefore, our idling on irc may vary. The best way to contact us is most likely by posting on the recruiting forum.


Join the team and help us release faster! We are in need of editors, preferably with experience. If you’re interested, please drop by our IRC channel. We are also in dire need of dedicated seeders as well as XDCC bot providers.

Please contact anyone with ~. Also, keep in mind that the core team is from Indonesia. Therefore, they may be sleeping or at their university when you contact them. You may need to idle before receiving a response.

Just an update… Byousoku 5 Centimeter has been edited. Therefore, we are no longer in need of editors for this project. Many “Thank Yous” to the people that wanted to help with the editing of this project.