Rewrite – Opening [Gv]

Has been a long time since I typesetted anything. :>

Opening movie from Key’s latest game – Rewrite (release date TBD). Or at least I think it’s the game opening. Taken from the trial promo disk.

Side quest: find and report errors. Be it grammar, translation, encode or whatever.


  • Raw provider: whoever uploaded the game torrent
  • Translator: fidzerone
  • Timer: d-one
  • Typesetter: fudanchii (originally), edogawaconan (finishing touch)
  • Editor: edogawaconan (can’t actually edit, just pretended to)
  • Karaoke Effects: someone from Eclipse (idk who, I just somehow have one of their karaoke template, etc. Probably available publicly somewhere)

Update: hurr durr so my guess was correct.

[ Torrent ]