Yoiko 7 [An]

It’s been awhile since our last release, so here is another episode of Yoiko… Next up is episode 8 or Hoshi 1, depending on who is faster… The timer of Yoiko or the encoder of Hoshi. 😛 Enjoy this episode though. Somethings from the opening sequence is explained here. I suggest watching the episode first and then watch the opening again to understand what I mean.

Torrent: [ Episode 7 ]

P.S. In regards to the previous news update, I have decided to pick up Maicching Machiko Sensei as our next project in line after Yoiko (which is virtually complete). This was among a number of choices, but as raws of the others were hard to find, I decided to go with Machiko. I hope you look forward to it.

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  1. Thank you!

    After seeing this episode and THEN the OP – like you suggested – I feel like I lost my innocence.

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