Yoiko 7 [An]

It’s been awhile since our last release, so here is another episode of Yoiko… Next up is episode 8 or Hoshi 1, depending on who is faster… The timer of Yoiko or the encoder of Hoshi. 😛 Enjoy this episode though. Somethings from the opening sequence is explained here. I suggest watching the episode first and then watch the opening again to understand what I mean.

Torrent: [ Episode 7 ]

P.S. In regards to the previous news update, I have decided to pick up Maicching Machiko Sensei as our next project in line after Yoiko (which is virtually complete). This was among a number of choices, but as raws of the others were hard to find, I decided to go with Machiko. I hope you look forward to it.

Random PVs [PV]

I found them when cleaning up my fansub directories. Both are done by original staffs (uses ancient tools, ofc. And the subs are in .ssa format). Too bad the “Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko” encoded video I have is broken so I decided to remake (kind of) using original subs (lightly modified, mostly killed the k-timing since it’s out of sync, etc) and muxed with raw from Nipponsei (hai minglong). The “Find The Way” is unmodified apart from the filename.

Some lulz to enjoy while waiting for Saki chapter 64 and vol. 7 (clean, etc), Yoiko 7-8, etc. I also found some other things but they’re for next time (or whenever I feel like it).

Just in case you’re wondering where these are from, “Find The Way” is one of Gundam SEED ending song and “Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko” is School Rumble ending song.

Mika Nakashima – Find The Way: [ Torrent ]

Yuko Ogura – Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko: [ Torrent ]