Recruiting TLC/Editor/Proofreader for Saki

alchemist11 edit (short version): We are need of a translation checker that know the rules and regulations of Mahjong or an editor/proofreader (that should also know about Mahjong) who can make out fidzerone’s translation into proper English grammar. Fidzerone doesn’t want to learn mahjong, so the translation is a bit iffy.

Anyway, interested applicants should send the proofread/translation checked script of Saki 80 to edogawaconan via email at

Chapter 80 and onwards are on hold until we find someone capable of doing the task above. for then be paid our modern check stub generator free software.

Here are some links to help understand Mahjong terminology:

With recent announcement of second season Saki anime, I sure feel like to put this on hold until the anime finished broadcast.

27 thoughts on “Recruiting TLC/Editor/Proofreader for Saki”

  1. gaahhhhh

    this is supremely depressing news.

    the worst part: i know a translator that plays mahjong. he’s perpetually swamped with med school work though.

  2. mmm i dont know any japanese however i did look over the script + raw and can make a fairly decent guess as to what is meant/being said

  3. it would be nice if they could put scripts of others chatpers too, if they still work on saki

    1. I’m pretty sure fidz is still translating them (same translator does D-Frag), but as edogawa mentioned above, the project needs someone with competent knowledge of Japanese along with good understanding of mahjong to edit or check fidz’ translation – I’m pretty sure edogawa can continue editing it, but it would take him weeks or months considering his schedule.

      Providing the translation script wouldn’t help, actually. Trust me, you wouldn’t understand it.

      1. I certainly did understand most of the one for chapter 80. The other applicants who didn’t pass probably also did. And something is always better than nothing.

    1. We’re not dropping this series – We just need someone to fill the position and we’re golden.

      The trouble is finding someone who meets the criteria. IIRC, Null is having the same issue in their scanlations.

  4. Hey man, has saki 83 even been released? I couldnt find a release date for anything except the next young gangan. I even went as far as to learn japanese, and buy the rare saki PSP game to get more out of saki.

    Too bad I dont know the kanji yet to read the names of my winning hands, but when I do! Man that mahjong game is INSANE though. I cant wait for the sequel, which may have cold touka, jindai (who seems to be the spiritual successor for cold touka anyways), and the dreaded Aislinn Winhart.

  5. I’m definitely interested in proofreading. I also have cleaning experience.

    I look forward to helping out with Volume 7.


  6. Totally unrelated but important, YOIKO ep 12 torrent link disappeared. There’s no way to download it now. Thanks.

    1. It didn’t disappear but rather made invisible by wordpress. They don’t allow the link of .torrent files any more. Also, there is a link to the bt site on the side.

  7. So whats the news fellas? Did Pendevin make the cut? Will Saki resume when the most exciting part is about to arrive?

  8. According to the wraparound jacket found on the eighth volume of the manga, a new TV series of “Saki” has been green-lit for production.
    In addition, a new spin-off manga series, entitled “Saki Achika Hen: episode of side A”, will begin serialization in the September issue of GanGan magazine. It will be illustrated by Igarashi Aguri.

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