Wanted: Typesetters for Saki!

If you want to see faster releases of your favourite manga, Saki, help us out. Beginners should check out the MangaHelpers forum and the Nerieru-Scans forum for guides and tutorials. Trust me, learning the basics are dead easy and those two places have great step-by-step instructions. Anime-RG’s goal with Saki isn’t the grade, but fast releases with decent quality.

    To Apply:

If you do have experience editing on your own or for a scan group, please show us the cleaned version (doesn’t have to be your clean), the typeset version, and the raw that you used for any manga you worked on. Files are to be emailed to me directly at jonnyquesty2k[at]gmail.com. This also applies to beginners.

Thanks Iamthecheese and svx for offering support.

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Typesetters for Saki!”

    1. Of course it’s quicker. It’s Chinese. They are faster on any manga except One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Most scan teams are always slow, anyway. If I were to compare, anime-rg is one of the fastest among them. According to MangaUpdates, anime-rg’s release frequency is every 7.6 days, compared with FoOlRulez’ every 8 days.

      And by the way, for the record, fidzerone DOES “translate” (since you didn’t say “scanlation”) Saki fast, in fact, as soon as the raws are out (he’s done the latest), but the scan team made up of edogawaconan and only him, is slow. Other than d-one, who is away for a month, I don’t think there is anyone amongst the anime-rg scan team interested in helping with Saki at the moment.

      1. I’ll go on record as saying that I’ve never actually done typesetting before, but I would be very, very open to doing it. I try to help with the project as much as I can, and I wouldn’t object at all to expanding my role within it (As far as the nitty-gritty goes) if the right opportunity arose.

        That said, I’m on /a/ for most of the day, but it’s been getting harder and harder to get the ball rolling on a Saki thread. The next time one comes up, though, I’ll certainly make it a point that we’re recruiting. I’m certain someone will put themselves up to it.

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