Time is of the Essence

Another new year, another new recruitment post but with a slight twist… As you may know by now, anime-rg has been doing Yoiko for a while and according to the reviews from both people who understand Japanese and those who don’t, its a rather fun and entertaining show to see. Though, some are left dissatisfied and therefore want more of its kind. Thankfully, there are still a number of animes out there that suffice for the role and we would like to get our hands on it before it is not available any more in both the internet and stores…

Ore wa Chokkaku
~About a boy that wants to be or is a samurai following the dignified path. Entails comedy, Edo period, and may have nudity.

Two Conditions:
1. Need DVD-Box Set Raws.
2. Another translator (because 36 episodes is a bit too long and so we don’t take 6 years).

Maicching Machiko Sensei
~Exactly like Yoiko, but with a teacher as the protagonist who is quite voluptuous.

Two Conditions:
1. Find all raws (DVD preferred) without any scene croppings.
2. Multiple translators (because its freakin’ 95 episodes long and so we don’t take 10 years).

Ninku (Animation & Movie)
~See this page for synopsis.

Two Conditions:
1. Find all DVD raws without any scene cropping.
2. Multiple translators (because 55 + 1 episodes is too long and so we don’t take 8 years).

And yes, all three are by Studio Pierrot. I personally would like to watch the last two subbed or raw. tl;dr – Help us look for raws mentioned above and potential people to help us in them.

Scratch that. Translator for Yoiko, Jupiter-san will be away due to priorities on his education for a minimum of three months starting March, so no new series from anime-rg even after we finish it. Although, I have a bunch of OVA one-shots I would like to see done after we finish Yoiko as the bloke who stated he would do all of them has gone MIA. Cheers.

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