5 Centimeters per Second [An]

Well after some delay, here it is! Enjoy this stunning film that is guaranteed to stir your emotions. We are unsure if or when we will release the dvd extras. However, we will keep our eyes open just in case a Blu-ray raw/iso becomes available.

For people wondering if this is the full movie. Yes it is! The end is that weird! This movie is all 3 chapters ripped from a DVD iso. That is why it is called “5 Centimeters per Second” instead of episode one, two, or three. On a side note, we don’t do xvid.avi. So, please stop asking…

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Byousoku 5cm – 01: Oukashou [an]

After long delay…we present you with the latest release of Anime-RG: 5 centimeters per second, 1st story: extract of cherry blossom (oukashou).

Encoder (my!) notes:

  • it is upscaled
  • the source is only 640×360
  • the reason of upscaling is the amount of detail involved

Anyway, enjoy! 😀

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On a side note, we’ll be moving all of the torrents from anirena to minglong. And we’re preparing version 2 of Venus Versus Virus episode 1 and 2 (first being unedited by credible person and the second by no post-timing involved causing some flash gaps between dialog) before creating batch torrent for it. Or maybe DVD releases…? Help me getting the raw
then. 😛