5 Centimeters per Second [An]

Well after some delay, here it is! Enjoy this stunning film that is guaranteed to stir your emotions. We are unsure if or when we will release the dvd extras. However, we will keep our eyes open just in case a Blu-ray raw/iso becomes available.

For people wondering if this is the full movie. Yes it is! The end is that weird! This movie is all 3 chapters ripped from a DVD iso. That is why it is called “5 Centimeters per Second” instead of episode one, two, or three. On a side note, we don’t do xvid.avi. So, please stop asking…

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32 thoughts on “5 Centimeters per Second [An]”

  1. First of all thanks for this release. But I have a little question: Is this release a h264 encode (I hope so^^).

  2. I’m no encoder, but I don’t know if it was the wisest choice to make this movie into a 694Mb file with two AC-3 tracks. Because of this the video itself is only 387Mb for over 1 hour at 720*480 resolution. This equals a bitrate of just 838kbit/s. And IMHO you are able to see this, if you look closely to the edges of moving objects etc.
    But nonetheless thanks. You’re the first real group to sub this in good quality.

  3. @Edogawaconan
    838kb/s was just the value from Matroska Shell Extension. And btw I never had a file with 4channel audio before. According to ffdshow it’s center, left, right and back center. Not even LFE. Those crazy Japanese 😉

  4. Wow, thanks a bunch! I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to get it. Anyway, thanks a lot for a quality release.

  5. Thanks a lot guys! Great film! I don’t quite get the ending though. I’m guessing they didn’t end up together?

  6. This is just the first part of the movie right, I heard it was made up of three parts or three different stories in one big film? When can we expect the blu ray version of this I want to get it.

  7. I’d like to know, what player did you use to play this? I’ve tried it on my VLC Media Player but it still doesn’t work.

  8. Yes it is the full film… No Blu-Ray version has been released yet. Until it is released or someone caps a full HD Tv rip, we can’t release a HD version. (We will not be releasing a 1280×720 upscale of the dvd)

    As for Playback, don’t use VLC. CCCP for Windows and Mplayer for Macs. (CCCP comes with Media Player Classic and Zoomplayer.) Please read the playback page! Also, another note… People that haven’t updated their CCCP to the newest release will not see the subtitles.

  9. Did anyone manage to compare this to Parade’s release? Also, this is a comment from AniDB (it might not be true, but I didn’t manage to get this release yet, “Zzz… watched their DVD release. Well, decent video quality. But it turned me off when then missed one whole sentence in the first few minutes.”

  10. Don’t mind about what I said before. I just finished watching this release, and it was amazing. The quality was great, and the typesetting was great and easy to read. I can’t ask for much more. And after looking at Parade’s file size (around 400MB), I don’t think that the quality will be as good as this one, even though file size isn’t everything. Thank you so much for this wonderful release.

  11. Actually, Parade and Anime-RG’s releases are really comparable in terms of video quality, both being encoded at around the same bitrate using the same codec. The huge difference in file size comes from the audio; Parade downmixed the 4.0 AC3 file to Dolby Pro Logic 2.0 Vorbis (which can be upmixed to 4.0 on playback), Anime-RG just included the original 4.0 and 2.0 AC3 files. Personally, I think using literally half of a release’s filesize to store the audio is quite a waste (especially because the 4.0 track can be downmixed to 2.0 on playback, so there really isn’t a need for the separate 2.0 track), but Anime-RG does have the upper hand on the translation.

  12. What a great movie it was smooth sailing on my laptop clear cut just excellent…can’t wait for it to come to the States release. Hope Makoto Shinkai makes more movies and a Chobi film.

  13. I’m just wondering if this is a RAW, since I can’t see any subtitles :P. I can see the subtitles for the music videos at the end though…..(I’m on a mac, and I have no problem watching other anime with subtitles…)

  14. Jason how did you fix it?
    I got the same truble, i can see the subtitles in the movie but i can see the ones at the musicvideo in the end.

  15. That would be because the song at the end is Hard-subbed. The actual script of the movie is .ass soft-subbed. I’m assuming you are using a Mac since you said you have the same problem that Jason had. If not install CCCP for windows. We recommend Mplayer for Macs since VLC will not play soft-subs properly. Please read our Playback Help page. I know it works because I use a MacBook Pro…

  16. Yeah I got a mac and I got Mplayer, thanks for the link to the playbacksite. I did as it said and added the text and the subtitles started to work 😉

    But with my usual luck i encountered a new problem. The subtitles are falling behind at once. Is it possible to fix or is my comp to slow?

    Got a iBook G4 1.33
    1gb ram

  17. To be honest, I don’t know enough about Mplayer’s compatibilities with older PPC Processors and Operating Systems. Sorry… 🙁

  18. Wow, thanks for the excellent subbing of that film. Personally, I thought that was the best that Makoto Shinkai has done to date.

  19. More seeders please!!!

    I know bigger files means better quality BUT, without much seeders, I’m not sure how long it will take to finish downloading.

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