Byousoku 5cm – 01: Oukashou [an]

After long delay…we present you with the latest release of Anime-RG: 5 centimeters per second, 1st story: extract of cherry blossom (oukashou).

Encoder (my!) notes:

  • it is upscaled
  • the source is only 640×360
  • the reason of upscaling is the amount of detail involved

Anyway, enjoy! 😀

Torrent | DDLs

On a side note, we’ll be moving all of the torrents from anirena to minglong. And we’re preparing version 2 of Venus Versus Virus episode 1 and 2 (first being unedited by credible person and the second by no post-timing involved causing some flash gaps between dialog) before creating batch torrent for it. Or maybe DVD releases…? Help me getting the raw
then. 😛

6 thoughts on “Byousoku 5cm – 01: Oukashou [an]”

  1. Thanks for Byousoku 5cm – Oukashou, been looking for a neat version. Hope to see you guys subbing the second one soon. Keep up the great work!

  2. i saw a trailer of this a while ago and i was already hooked.
    thanks for the release, it looks like a really promising story. i hope the second one would be good too!

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