Yoiko – 12 [An]

Fuuka Boobs

For almost 10 minutes, you will see Fuuka in this (see the above image) state, thus you have been warned. Make sure to watch the episode with your children asleep, siblings in their room, and/or guardians away from you for at least 12 minutes. We are not responsible for any beatings, groundings, arrests by the police, or any other consequences. Cheers.


Torrent: [ Episode 12 ]

6 thoughts on “Yoiko – 12 [An]”

  1. “Picture removed due to TOS violation or user request”. If it’s TOS violation, now I’m REALLY curious what the picture was showing… 😛

    Anyway, you’re on a WordPress blog! Why not up the pic with the blogpost itself to keep this kind of missing image stuff from happening?

    1. It’s back up now. It was Fuuka’s boobs as I mentioned in my post; guess the pixelation was for naught. But your comment makes me a little curious, I wonder if they would take down a close up of a fat man’s boobs…

      1. “as I mentioned in my post”
        Well, you didn’t, which is why I got curious what was on the pic. 😛

        Maybe manboobs will be removed if they’re scary ones or something, lol.

    1. Yeah, I read that, but it says nothing about what was actually in the image (which wouldn’t display at the time), which is why I got curious.

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