Saki ch. 58-59 [Mg] (“no qc” edition)


FIX FOR CHAPTER 57: it’s “training camp”, not “boarding house”. Both have same kanji but the former makes more sense. Don’t know why the translator chosen the latter one. Probably because it’s the first to shows up in his dictionary. Sorry for confusion (as if you’re not confused enough by my edit…).

Oh and I also forgot to mention the raw provider is same person as ch. 57 – Finestella from mangahelpers.

Now if I can find proper quality raw for ch. 60 and 61… (these chapters includes PLOT TWISTS. And WTF-ry. Made me went o_o) (hahahah spoiler)

Recruiting translation checkers (and editor)! It’s really easy to join: fix one of our released chapters. 🙁

Editor found.

Ch. 58: [ Torrent | DDL ]

Ch. 59: [ Torrent | DDL ]

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  1. Hey everyone.

    I really appreciate that you guys are taking the time to translate Saki as it progresses, and I saw that you guys needed an editor. Seeing as I’m particularly good at proofreading for grammar and all that (I’ve been filling in the gaps on some of your mistakes), I would be more than happy to come on board.

    I’ve left my e-mail in the field. Send me one (Or just leave a comment here) if you’re interested in my service.

    1. To be more precise (Perhaps editor wasn’t the right word), I could proofread for any grammatical mistakes, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  2. where is the fix for ch.57?
    are you going to release a ch.57v2 or put here the corrected pages?
    thanks for your work. Saki is my favorite manga.

  3. Thank you so much for releasing chapter 58-59 of Saki! I can’t wait to the next chapter! I hope Saki come out on top!

  4. ch58 pg08: “Even though we’ve defeated” –> “Even though we were defeated”

    ch58 pg08: “So I and Kanbara” –> “So Kanbara and I”

    ch58 pg10: “You have been driving car” –> “You’ve been driving the car” unless the car is meant to be a proper noun.

    ch58 pg11: “I’m going to bath” –> “I’m going to the bath”

    ch58 pg13: “That one really beats me out” I don’t know what it would be changed to, since I don’t know what the original text meant, but that really doesn’t work well as a sentence.

    ch58 pg13: “I want to revenge” –> “I want revenge”

    ch58 pg17: “Speaking of the devil” This isn’t really a problem, but the standard idiom is, “Speak of the devil”

    ch58 pg17: “You are my enemy, in different way” –> “You are my enemy in a different way”

    ch59 pg02: “There is a small one rought by Hagiyoshi” –> “There is a small one brought by Hagiyoshi”

    ch59 pg04: “As long there are more strong opponents I can face” –> “As long as there are more strong opponents for me to face”

    ch59 pg06: “We lost!” –> “We’re lost!”

    ch59 pg06: “This not the floor where our relaxing room is” –> “This isn’t the floor our relaxing room is on”

    ch59 pg06: “Let’s hurry, we’ll catch cold if we stop here” –> “Let’s hurry, we’ll catch a cold if we stop here”

    ch59 pg07: “I don’t know where it is, moreso” –> “I don’t know where it is moreso”

    ch59 pg08: “I would give you that if there is any leftovers” –> “I would give you that if there were any left over”

    ch59 pg09: “What have you said” –> “What did you say?”

    ch59 pg09: “I already have one of your card” –> “I already have one of your cards”

    ch59 pg12: “How.. it was?” –> “How was it?” I’m a little unsure of this one because Fujita-pro’s response makes it so that technically the way it is now could work, but it still doesn’t really look good, so… yeah.

    ch59 pg12: “It’s my pleasure” –> “It’d be my pleasure”

    ch59 pg13: “You can say that to me like that after you beat me” –> “You can talk like that after you beat me” There’s nothing strictly wrong here, but it is incredibly awkward. I don’t know if my correction’s accurate because I’m interpreting the English, not the original, but really, the way it is right now should probably be reworked.

    ch59 pg15: “She cares a lot, good at cooking, great at Mahjong” –> “She cares a lot, she’s good at cooking, and great at Mahjong”

    ch59 pg18: “Kiyosumi beated Ryuumonbuchi” –> “Kiyosumi beat Ryuumonbuchi”

    There were a few others that bothered me, but I believe they were issues with style, not grammatical or otherwise confusing errors, so I left them alone. Also, in several cases I don’t know if the correction’s solid because I don’t know if what’s being said in English is what was meant in the original Japanese, so I just went with my best judgment and have no idea if that’s good or bad.

    I left my e-mail in the field, so if there’s anything proofreader-like I can do that would be of use, please let me know.

    And thank you so much for translating this series–it’s nice to be able to understand the newer material.

  5. Agh, sorry, it was late and I messed up a little.

    ch59 pg07: “I don’t know where it is, moreso” –> “I don’t know where ours is, let alone another school’s.”

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