Short Explanation on Saki Project

Someone asked this in the channel and quit before I saw him asking (since I was trapped wiki walking certain site).

“I’m officially confused; the last chapter of Saki I saw was 33–how did we get to 57?”

Well, for starter, we started (more or less) at chapter 56. Basically, chapter 34 up to 56 is already (mostly?) covered in the anime.

It might bring another question: will we do the previous chapters?

Answer: I don’t know. Maybe we’ll do it if we get an editor and translator for these chapters. Chapter 52-55 is already cleaned, actually.

3 thoughts on “Short Explanation on Saki Project”

  1. That was me, and thanks for the answer. If you ever get around to doing that earlier chapters, they’ll be appreciated, but at least you’re carrying it on. Thanks again

  2. ohhhhhhh THANK YOU for explaining!! I thought you were scanning random chapters but ita actually starts where the anime ends. THANK YOU SO MUCH XD

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