20 thoughts on “Venus Versus Virus – 05 [An]”

  1. Now this is commendable. A great big thanks to you, your group and your speed.

    Just fantastic!

  2. Thank you guys so much! GNU and SHS were taking forever. And I noticed Gnu’s site was down yesterday.;( But, thanks so much i’ve been waiting forever!!! You guys rock keep up the good work.=D I’m so only getting the episodes from you.x)

  3. I thank you as well. Been waiting for the next episode in this series. Glad you decided to pick it up and get the episodes out.

  4. love you guys for picking up venus versus virus…was a little afraid that no one would continue subbing it 😉

  5. Thank you very much for the great, fast release~! You even took my corrections into account [even though the “no one believe it” and “save me from darnkess” remain]. Keep up the good work!

  6. I’m thrilled to see that someone continued subbing this show, I was afraid that no one else would after the other subbing group stopped. I’m having a problem running the video though. The Haali Media Splitter is giving me the error “The file contains embedded truetype fonts. Do you want to load them? To permanently enable or disable truetype fonts, you can set the option in the splitter properties.” I can’t figure out what I need to change. This isn’t the first anime I’ve downloaded that required the Matroska pack to run, and in fact, the other anime I needed it for no longer runs its subtitles either. So, if anyone happens to know what to fix, I’d appreciate the help. Didn’t know where else to look.

  7. What player did u use?

    The MKV format can be played by
    StormCodec[MP Classic], VLC and more.

  8. I’m using Creative MediaSource Player. I have MP Classic, and several other media players. Whenever I boot up the video, it gives me the same error about wanting to load the truetype fonts or not. I’m really confused. The opening has the subtitles and karaoke stuff, but the rest of the video’s subtitles don’t appear. Is there one program with all the settings already set up properly that I could download?

  9. Voltaire: Well, if your player asks to load the embedded font(s), pick yes. The font(s) used in the movie will be shown. The font(s) is there but you haven’t configured to show it directly. It won’t make any problem to your player or your computer if you click Yes 😀 . So it’s not because errors in the file.

    Thanks for watching our sub 😀

  10. I’ve been clicking yes, and they don’t show up, that’s the problem. I’m greatful for all the help I’ve been getting, and I’m currently trying the suggestions I’ve gotten.

  11. I followed the advice of redownloading the Combined Community Codec, and that worked. Thanks again for all of the wonderful help, I am very happy to be able to continue watching this series, and I look forward to more releases.

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