14 thoughts on “Venus Versus Virus – 06 [An]”

  1. O_o… I’m waiting for the new episode for ages ^^
    finally… thank you for the new sub-epi ^^…

  2. Thanks so much,ive been waiting for this release.
    *makasih banyak ya ^_^ releasenya cepat sekali :)*

  3. Just to note, after doing some researching on the second mirrors site (wondering why it wouldn’t initiate the download) I discoverd a page that said “File has been dileted for abuse”

  4. Thanks for yet another episode I appreciate it! Keep up the good work guys,you rock! 😀

  5. yeah umm what decoder are we using here becasue I am having a hard time as my comp doesnt want to show subs no matter what i do… any suggestions?

  6. Heya, thanks for all your work in getting out these subs. I’m trying to get episode 6, but ‘up-file’ says “this file delited for abuse” and the torrent link gives me a MySQL error. Help?

  7. No offense meant, but is it me or is the timing for the subs in the beginning kindaof off? I noticed the subs seemed faster for the starting part
    Other than that, thks for subbing and releasing Venus verus Virus

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