Saki ch. 65 [Mg]

Look, it’s out! As promised, here’s the latest chapter of Saki. Next chapter will be published in 3 weeks.

I almost forgot about it, but here are the comments for some pages on this chapter:

Page 8:

  • fidzerone: UOOOOH!!! that’s our mihoko! look at mako’s face :p
  • iamthecheese: I love how Mako is like: ”Whoa, wait a second, I’ve been oblivious all this time to the fact that Hisa is totally railing this chick while I’ve been getting no carpet? FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Also, the sudden focus on Mako suggests that she’s going to do something awesome in the Nationals. Haters gonna hate.

Page 9:

  • fidzerone: “Oooh” and “Tokyo: fused, or something like that :p
  • iamthecheese: Ever noticed Saki’s vague resemblance to Koume from TYM? I could almost see her singing ”Marching Through Georgia” about now.

Page 12-13:

  • fidzerone:Β  again, poor u kyoutarou, what with this npc-like lines? D:
  • iamthecheese: he’s rivaling TK (Angel Beats!) in amount of dialogues per week.

Page 14:

  • fidzerone: I call you from now on as “NPC 1.”

Page 15:

  • fidzerone: “Bucho-“, i like it, instead of captain, i can feel the love of this nickname to hisa
  • iamthecheese: I concur.

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19 thoughts on “Saki ch. 65 [Mg]”

  1. Thanks as always! Im actually glad you were a little late with the release, because it makes waiting for the next one easier( since she took a little break. Ahhh Hisa is nervous kinda surprising and i think its kinda disapointing that everyone is showing from the prefectural is showing up. And last but not least……Bundou you magnifecent bastard!!

  2. Regarding the ”Magnificent Bastard” translation, I must say that wasn’t me being clever – It was actually an Anonymous poster on 4chan’s /a/ that provided the phrase when he gave a rough translation in a Saki thread.

    Seeing as it’s too late now to credit him in the proper release, I’ll just go ahead here and say that he deserves the credit for that. Sorry about that.

    1. according to the vol 6 omake, she does but they work real late so Kana does everything for them.

  3. What the heck kind of relationship does the Kaze coach actually have with everyone? Bundou et al. Huhhhhhh.

    I also realized this has turned into one of those manga, unfortunately, where I don’t really care about the main characters Saki/Nodoka. I’m all about the supporting cast! Hisa, Mihoko, Mako, Yumi, Ryuumonbuchi! I guess I’ll get interested again when we get towards Saki vs. her sister. Oh well.

    1. That’s pretty much how everyone feels as of right now. I’ve been waiting so long for Shiraitodai I’ll probably faint when they appear again.

    2. I think the problem is a lack of characterisation. They’re both pretty bland without it. All we really know about them is their motivation for going to the championship and that Saki likes reading.

      Doesn’t really make you care.

    1. Thanks for the translation! I’m a bit confused about the ending comments, though. How do we know that Kiyosumi won’t face Shiraitodai until the finals? I didn’t see them draw a number. Am I missing something?

      1. No, you didn’t miss anything. It’s just deduction on my part. Basically, I assumed all three schools shown back in chapter 56 are seeded (hinted by “strongest from every district” chapter tag-line). Since Kiyosumi is on same block with Eisui Girls’ (seeded team), it means they won’t meet Shiraitodai High (also seeded) until final.

    1. also I didn’t mean that as a reply to DBP, just to the thread in general. I fail at this right now. x.x

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