Saki ch. 66 [Mg]

After long break, finally chapter 66 released. Still no mahjong this chapter.

I also accidentally rar files. I mean, I accidentally deleted the files I uploaded on megaupload. Will reupload as soon as I can.

In other news, you should try playing mahjong at There is link to mahjong and tenhou guides at

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    1. I e-mailed the raw to Edo on a whim once it came out. Sorry if I stole your thunder at all (Then again, Edo said his Share client was down, so…)

  1. Very good set-up chapter with some nice moments and next week we have mahjong going on!

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    (I can’t torrent because Comcast blocks it, though, so could someone load it to another service? Thanks)

  3. I’ve been missing out on some Saki all this time! D: You’re all my official heroes now for scanlating this manga! ‘: Gah, if only I had known about this sooner… (Can someone upload them again…? Someday? Please? I don’t mind waiting. Dx Or you know, at least make a follow-up post on it? That would be greatly appreciated.)

  4. Never mind, a friend of mine gave me all the Saki I’ve been missing out on by torrenting for me. 🙂 If you need links for them, here they are, though I dunno when mediafire will take ’em down:

    Chapter 56, Saki

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    Chapter 65, Saki

  5. Thanks for the chapter! and Thanks GT for the rest of the file as well 🙂

    Does anyone knows if Saki chap51-55 are available?

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