Saki ch. 63 [Mg]

Finally the latest chapter!

Because of several conditions (other staffs being busy, few amount of dialogues, me testing the shiny free mouse, etc), I decided to finish this chapter by my own (apart from translation and edit). Also thanks to one of the ancient staff for providing the raw. With raw paradise is dead, etc I was forced to find alternative source for the raw. As any respectable team out there, there’s no better place to find raw (apart from recruiting staff on-site) than Share and Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark, requiring at least 40 GB of unity/dummy data, is not quite usable here in Indonesia and most of classic (aka non-.ts or BDISO) are still on Share anyway. Searching files on Share is much easier anyway.

So here, latest Saki chapter available. I’ll see if other staffs are willing to do previous chapters. Stay tuned!

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(as usual, complains, suggestions, comments, etc are welcome. Fileshare links are welcome, too!)

(turns out it’s already cleaned but I totally forgot about it. Whoops)

10 thoughts on “Saki ch. 63 [Mg]”

  1. Thanks for the release!! Man im disapointed that the training camp was cut short, hopefully we can see some flashback to it when there at the nationals ( cant wait for the nationals!!)

    Apart from popular HisaxMihoko, this YumixHisa is omgwtfawesome.. Hisa was blushing for god sake -.-

    shi- now my favorite pairing has changed, kuudere with another kuudere is always good, especially when the other one suddenly become full dere~

    *brb searching YumixHisa doujin

  3. A lot of the Yumi/Hisa stuff was mostly in jest until this point, but the last two chapters have really established a ton of sexual tension between the two of them. Hell, there’s sexual tension between Hisa and most everybody. God, she makes being a Pimp look easy.

    (Even so, I’m resigned to Hisa/Mako myself. I WANT TO BELIEVE ;_;)

  4. Hisa makes harems for herself, ruining other pairing that already solidly made… Sassuga leader…

    Not that I complained, btw. >:D

  5. Kind of inevitable that Hisa has that effect.

    Charismatic + roguish + mild flirt = ladykiller.

    Girls go for that, all right.

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