Status on Saki chapter 61-63

First, sorry for lateness. I’m not expecting the progress to be this slow. Basically, the original typesetter was busy with exams and tasks so the job was given to someone else… who uses GIMP. Thanks to that I moved the “edit applier” (er, the one who applies the translation edit to the scans) job to the typesetter and it turns out he works not quite fast enough – hence the slowdown. Add the fact the script need at least two passes edit – first is my edit for fidzlish (translator’s english – complete with literal translation for mahjong terms) to something closer to english (with help from anywhere I can get especially for mahjong terms) and then I pass it to the real editor.

Both chapters 61-62 is currently waiting for my edits to be applied before passed again to the real editor. Please be patient.

In other news, chapter 63 is still being cleaned and translated.

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