10 thoughts on “Venus Versus Virus – 01 [An]”

  1. In many ways, I think this sub is superior to the one offered by GNU, but the english still needs quite a bit of work. I think your group would benefit from having a native English-speaking editor scan through your translations just to clean up some of the grammatically rough spots.

    I’ll continue to look forward to your releases.

  2. Well, yeah. We actually are looking for some native English persons to edit our projects. If anybody wants to be our editor, just please tell us. We’ll be very delighted 🙂

  3. I’d be more than happy to lend a hand, if you’d like. If I could reach you by e-mail, perhaps we could discuss some convenient arrangement. What address should I send e-mail to?

  4. Definitely agree with the above. To be honest, the script looks fairly terrible. Yet the translation looks all right. Drop me a line if you need more people.

  5. Encode and translation seemed good. Needed some serious editing work though. Timing wasn’t too bad, but could have used some more lead in/out and flash gap coverage. Keep at it though.

  6. Hey,,, I like Venus Versus Virus,,,, but want to have it in avi file,,, try to convert it,, but then I lose the subs,,,, Please, can you upload a torrent with avi??

  7. Hi, I’ve downloaded Venus Versus Virus from torrent but I haven’t got the subs, it has your group’s tag. How do I get the subs? I use Media Player Classic which can play .mkv files, and the subtitles option under Play is greyed out. Please send a response here or per mail, thanks in advance.

  8. Have you followed the guide in the Playback Help section? If you haven’t, please try it first.

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