Current status

Updated. We’re still alive.

Currently lacking timer.

Busou Renkin dropped since it’s being released officially here (Indonesia).

KonoAo 5 in a week (at most)

3 thoughts on “Current status”

  1. Forgive the question, but are you continuing this now I saw that Chihiro having picked up this series? They even start on episode 1.

  2. Well, we never said that we dropped this series. If you see our project status page, you that the translation is progressing. (I really doubt anyone ever read that page). But we have nobody to edit it, we need editor, and we are recruiting since months ago. Ah well, it’s no use to rants here, but I need to say it anyway.

  3. Forgive the confusion, but I didn’t say that it was dropped, but I was asking if perhaps you were going to, seeing Chihiro had picked this up as a stalled project. Wish I could help you out, but can only wish that you find an editor soon.

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