11 thoughts on “Venus Versus Virus – 03 [An]”

  1. hey! thanks for the episode! (this one is tooo sad!) you guys are improving a lot! Only one thing, will you do all the series? plz do! I’ve watched until episode 4 but all the other groups got stuck in it (and I’ve watched English and Spanish fansubs TT_TT) Keep up the good work!

  2. Ooh…

    Thank you very much for picking up on VVV.

    I am so happy right now.

    Almost there…almost there…

  3. Well, i dont mind mkv but why ASS subtitles? VLC chokes (ie: crashes randomly) on them and i have no other playback option on my macintosh.

    could you concider something more widely compatible?

    other then that, keep up the good work.

  4. that doesnd do embedded subs at all. at least the mac verions doesnt (yet).

    so far i know ASS subs rely on something called directshow for rendering the subs wich is an windows facility that in turn relies on DirectX. so anything without windows is screwed. This is also the reason CCCP refuses to make a Linux and OS X version of their sofware. -_-

    some groups include subrip (SRT) subs besides the ASS in their files for those without windows. if you could concider this option my grattitude would be great.

  5. mplayer rc1 should be able to handle it. By adding

    to the configuration file, which tells it to use ass rendering library (libass) so it can be displayed correctly.
    Have you tried the latest version?

  6. i had the lastest version but it gave me a “abnormal playback” error with those parameters.

    but your helpfulness inspired me to get this to work as it does seem that mplayer OS X actually supports embedded subs contuari to popular believe.

    i did some hardcore googling and stumbled on this thread http://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=31445

    in a nutshell: get this custom build of mplayer for OS X: http://mplayer.andiyar.com/files/MPlayer-custom.dmg install it and add this string to the aditional parameters tab: -ass -embeddedfonts -fontconfig

    after this hit v to enable subs and b to cycle to the correct subtitle track.

    At long last i can watch those embedded files how their suposed to be watched! im so excited!

    thank you very much and feel free to post this info for the rest of the OS X users.

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