D-Frag! Drama CD [Dc]

Uh, yeah, apparently I (we?) still do something. A meta-Drama CD of D-Frag. Crazy stuff inside. It has HanaKana, too.

Also, message from other staffs (paraphrased by me):

The opening lyrics is not quite translatable (by our translators) and therefore sorry if it causes any confusion.

And WRT its manga scan, the translator is having a new job (translating riajuu shit) and therefore can’t release thing anytime soon unless there’s someone else offering to be a translator.

And from myself:

I held this for quite a long time because of being lazy and stuff (having slowpoke internet didn’t help). Also there’s no styling for karaoke etc because of :effort:. There’re some boring tricks (read: kara templater) inside which I didn’t bother to strip. Feel free ripping it off (or laughing off it), etc.


  • timer: D-One
  • translator: Fidzerone
  • typesetter: alchemist11, edogawaconan
  • editor: Zer0|R3, erneiz_hyde, takayuki_narumi, et al.
  • encoder: edogawaconan

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D-Frag! ch. 36 [Mg]

We are finally all caught up now! More information in the extra page within the chapter, so make sure to read it. For those of you who want a batch and/or the extra pages from volume three, d-one has informed me that it’s in the works, “but not immediately because I’m quite busy.” So there you go! And thanks for the FS payout. It’ll help bring more episodes of Maicchingu Machiko Sensei, in addition to keeping the reader alive. ^_^

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