D-Frag! Drama CD [Dc]

Uh, yeah, apparently I (we?) still do something. A meta-Drama CD of D-Frag. Crazy stuff inside. It has HanaKana, too.

Also, message from other staffs (paraphrased by me):

The opening lyrics is not quite translatable (by our translators) and therefore sorry if it causes any confusion.

And WRT its manga scan, the translator is having a new job (translating riajuu shit) and therefore can’t release thing anytime soon unless there’s someone else offering to be a translator.

And from myself:

I held this for quite a long time because of being lazy and stuff (having slowpoke internet didn’t help). Also there’s no styling for karaoke etc because of :effort:. There’re some boring tricks (read: kara templater) inside which I didn’t bother to strip. Feel free ripping it off (or laughing off it), etc.


  • timer: D-One
  • translator: Fidzerone
  • typesetter: alchemist11, edogawaconan
  • editor: Zer0|R3, erneiz_hyde, takayuki_narumi, et al.
  • encoder: edogawaconan

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19 thoughts on “D-Frag! Drama CD [Dc]”

    1.  It would be faster and easier if you instal the latest MPC or VLC software, not to mention its duration was one hour long, imagine the file size in avi.

        1. Un-install all of your codec packs and players (real player, jetaudio, VLC, K-lite, the edition of MPC that you downloaded, etc) except Window’s Default Media Player, of course. Restart. Google CCCP, download that codec pack, it includes an edition of MPC that works with the pack. Open video. Profit.

          If it still doesn’t work, you didn’t un-install all of your codec packs or players, therefore is still causing playback problems.

  1. Chapter 44 will be out soon.
    I wish there are more translators taking this serie,
    The raws look funny, too bad I don’t know jap.

    1.  Where did you find the raw scans? I’m looking for them but couldn’t get anything.

    1. Yes. That is the plan. But as you can see the same person that translated the Drama CD doesn’t have time for the manga, so don’t expect the second drama CD any time soon.

  2. or without installing just enable to use subs

    View -> Options -> Playback -> Output -> Direct Show Video -> VMR7 (renderless) or VMR9 (renderless).

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