Maicchingu Machiko Sensei – 1 [An]

Anime-RG and ray=out bring you a sneak peek release of our next project in line, Maicchingu Machiko Sensei. It may not be in Kansai dialect or “reverse loli,” but it is very similar in many aspects to Yoiko. Based on the manga of the same name, Maicchingu Machiko Sensei is “a series revolving around an elementary school teacher named Machiko, who wears a revealing mini-skirt, and is regularly finding herself in accidental sexual situations” – or in this case, panty shots (it’s from the 80s, so it’s not like insert-random-panty-shot-anime).

Now for a little quiz/prize moment to keep you busy from starving for more: the first person to find as many (valid) cultural/real-life references in MMS episode 01 will get an early release of episode 02 (leave your email/contact behind).

Torrent: [ Episode 01 ]

1) “Maicchingu” is a word that comes from conjugating the perfective form of “mairu” (in this case, it’ll mean “to lose” or “to be annoyed/perplexed”) into an English progressive verb (-ing). I’ll be going with the traditional way it’s translated (“Oh, shame!) since it’s just like that word and nobody really uses it any more.

Editor’s Note: All instances of “Oh, shame!” have been changed to “Shameless” as it fits the context better. That said, our translation of the anime, “Maicchingu Machiko Sensei” is “Shameless Machiko Sensei” instead of wikipedia/anidb’s “Shame of Machiko Sensei.”

2) Yamagata-sensei has his own nonsense-word catchphrase, “akaparachi!” which I’ll translate to the almost Yiddish word “fershtinker!” because Yiddish words are funny.

Editor’s Note: Homer’s “Doh!” was an option, but it wasn’t serious enough like fershtinker, which was thought of due to the Yiddish word “farshtinker” which means rotten (person). This fits all the context of the fershtinker word use. We are willing to take suggestions on alternatives words/phrases for akaparachi, but for the time being fershtinker will be used.

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    1. Finally someone commented. It was getting lonely since the release of Yoiko episode 08 to see no comments. I’ve fixed the post too.

  1. I do wanna see more, but I can wait. lol Thanks for finally started this long forgotten shows guys. I’ll be looking foward to more from you. ^^

    1. I used Movie Player, Banshee Media Player, VLC Player and it works fine. I cannot comment on Mplayer, but if you are using linux, it seems to work fine on certain players (this is the case for most mkv files with subs as far as I have tested).

  2. it’s 95 episodes…

    with the speed you did show for Yoiko (1 year for 10 half-size eps == 1 year for 5 full eps), it will take you ~20 YEARS to finish Machiko-sensei…

    why do you even bother…

    {sarcasm}… project of your life…{/sarcasm}

  3. Well, we can do it one of two ways. Option A) Do it at the best speed we can get on the project and then release it, or Option B) We do it regardless but just not release it and keep it to ourselves. Thus, the anime itself never sees the light of day again. And probably never since this has never been requested at any place, otherwise it would have been done long ago.

    If that kind of attitude persists, rds, we might just choose Option B. I have contact with some really nice fellows who happen to be translators, so I don’t think they’ll mind doing it for ourselves. And that’s the best part of being in the fansub industry, we are not obligated to do anything for anyone but ourselves since we do it for free anyway.

    Lastly, I should also point out that as anime-rg has a magnitude of translators (main reason for the joint), at least three that I know based on the projects I worked on (who also happen to be people that know each other in real life), and that excludes ray=out translators, which although doesn’t have as many, does have the motivation to keep going and release at a decent to fast pace. Aside from the translation, episode 1 took only a matter of 3-4 days to complete (accordingly with everyones time schedules).

  4. if past performance is any indication (and it always is), you wouldn’t release more than a few episodes anyway,

    so just choose your “option B” and save yourself a fuss. and a face – instead of shame of the failure, you can blame me: “we would do it, honto-honto, but because of that bad rds’s attitude we are sooo offended… blame her!”

    P.S. I admit: I don’t like people, who feel responsibility only when they are paid.

  5. Past performance, by whom? Anime-RG and ray=out have two different release speeds. Anime-RG is slow because they have lazy, carefree people, i.e. edogawa (except he seems to be fast with Saki). On the other hand, ray=out is ONLY slow because their translators/translation checkers are slow. At ray=out, I can get our team to release an airing anime in less than 24 hours. Heck, my very first fansub group was a speedsub group which rivaled Dattebayo’s release speed. The problem with that is, I would require all members that I need to be available at that specific time.

    I should also point out, episode 1 is just a sneak peek. We haven’t started the project yet. We intend to finish Yoiko first and then go full force with MMS, as per the words of the translator. Any release of MMS before then are further sneak peeks to wet your appetite as once the project gets going, we will be popping out releases (provided the translators and timers spits out scripts as fast).

    And also, curious, but why are you so negative, rds? We aren’t the only joint doing a 95 episode anime. AFK and Saizen are doing a 95 episode anime too. They aren’t exactly fast either.

  6. actually, thinking again:

    the raws are available now, and IF no-one is subbing them – then the chances are that someone would pick it up.

    BUT if you continue saying “we are doing it” (even as you are not) – then the probability of someone else subbing it too is much lower – and THEN the anime would stay un-subbed (for ~20 years)

    so pls select option B.

  7. why am I negative? because I am waiting for Yoiko for 1 year already now, and by the time you finish I probably won’t be interested in anime anymore… or be dead… or both…

    and you are asking why I am negative…

    1. If you are waiting for Yoiko, why are you complaining about MMS? Complain about Yoiko. I am the direct person responsible for the movement of the project (with the exception of a few things), so you should complain about it to me (just not on the anime-rg website).

      I asked about why you are negative because none of our Yoiko fans, including Kyle from the Geek Tragedy podcast said anything negative about us doing Yoiko or asked “Why are you taking so much time?” They all appreciated the fact that it is being done after so long. And trust me, it would never been done if I didn’t show interest of it thanks to Gritoit’s request. The raws are terrible and only very little was done to help make it better.

      “and by the time you finish I probably won’t be interested in anime anymore or be dead… or both…”

      My only comment to that will be: That’s not my problem. Nor do I care.

      P.S. You could always watch the raw of Yoiko. Several other fans who also downloaded our release did that.

      1. I’ll be locking this post now as this entire discussion was redundant when it wasn’t even about MMS in the first place.

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