Saki ch. 73 [Mg]

O hai. This should’ve been released few days ago.

As usual, comment here if you find mistakes.

FileVo is currently held hostage by the provider so I had to use MediaFire this time.

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14 thoughts on “Saki ch. 73 [Mg]”

  1. thanks for the chapter! i love the color pg’s and i liked seeing Yuki not get discouraged like the last match we saw her play.

  2. Hey mr who uploads saki…I was trying to learn japanese, and have hit a dead end.

    What meaning do the spherical hydroglyphics known as ‘tabun’ and ‘daiji’ translate to in english?

      1. I am getting stronger….

        With this obstacle gone, I don’t see any more difficulties emerging. You’ve just opened up new gateways for me that few can imagine. My taxi just arrived, goodbye.

      1. Dont worry friend alchemist11. The moment fidzerone even endowed me with a single definition of either word, I immediately determined -all-, alternate meanings possible, based on memorized context clues from journeys past.

        Be assured, Victory is guaranteed; success will reign over, like a red waterfall of flame that runs down a cliff of the blackest stone and shambled rock.

  3. Even now, I can’t bring myself to read it until null finishes the missing volume TT_TT

  4. >comment here if you find mistakes

    Very well then. Have at you!

    >would be tenpai if she [discard] the west wind tile

    >I won’t be able finish this match if [?] pull a damaten

    1. 51-55 is basically then end of the tournament and you can watch that in the anime (not the same but still). I’d rather them keep up with the current releases than go back and do the old ones.

    2. Chapter 55 has actually been translated for awhile – It just hasn’t been typesetted. Same story with Chapter 74.

      1. If someone passes me the raw and translations, I’m willing to do it. I’ll PR it as a bonus. (I’m said this to edogawa, but no response from him).

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