Saki ch. 69 [Mg]

Just about time before chapter 70 released. I’m not sure if next one will be done in time as it’ll be school vacation next week or something. I’ll see if I can get fidzerone to translate it.

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Update: sorry, I made typo for the raw provider’s name -.- It should be Demon Roronoa Zoro

Extra (probably shouldn’t be read before reading the chapter):

“shirataki itokonnyaku is so strong!”
白滝糸蒟蒻(しらたきいとこんにゃく) a name of noodle made from konnyaku, konnyaku is jelly made from starch of devils. what tac..yuuki means here is shiraitodai koukou/high, you can see shira(白)ito(糸)dai koukou(蒟蒻,don’t know why)

“Saki-san… I wonder why she doesn’t want to watch her sister’s match”
I: Well, gee, Nodoka, if I had an older sibling that (presumably) blames me for our parents breaking up, refuses to speak to me, publicly and privately denied that I exist, and is overall emotionally abusive towards me (And makes DAT FACE on the cover of DVD 8), I would kind of have a hard time facing her too. Did you think of that, Nodoka? Huh? Huh?

“Be careful. Don’t catch a cold.”
I:GAH! It’s that dastardly ”Anime characters are overly susceptible to catching colds” trope again!

“I want to fix my appearance”
I: Yes, Yuuki, I highly suggest that you fix those QUALITY legs you’ve got there
fz: what, yuuki fix her make up!? finally yuuki become a woman…damn you kyoutarou…

fz: D: D: D: OMG Manteau. good grief it’s our usual (dumb) Yuuki! so Kyoutarou is chicken after all….
I: Take it back, that cape looks AWESOME and you know it.

“Our prefecture isn’t weak at all!!”
100000/10. GO FOR IT, YUUKI!
fz: what a great chapter, but yet another mahjongless chapter.

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  1. WOOOT!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!

    That was a long wait from the latest release but well worth it!!!
    I wish they kinda do more about that Hisa’s imbalance previous round.. (Does the manga seems to be speeding at a crazy speed)

    Anyway about translation, I’m willing to help with Japanese raw or Chinese raw as a Translation checker.. I did some translation check in the past (my Japanese is decent, Chinese probably better).. But not really intending to be staff, if I can help getting Saki manga out faster, I would love to help, at least until I’m gone to serve my national service in few months time..

  2. I dont think my other comment went through so ill do another. Thanks for the chapter as always! and taco’s rocking a cape is awesome.

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