Ichigo Mashimaro encore – 2 (OVA) [An]

Ichigo Mashimaro encore – 2 (OVA), the end. It’s afternoon here, and they (the Indonesians) are all asleep now. I was left to distro this… Alone, I think. Anyways, enjoy this as much as I disliked it (except the seiyuu’s ♥), and despite working on it. Should we expect another OVA or related series? I don’t know, the ending wasn’t really eluding to anything more. Cheers.

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4 thoughts on “Ichigo Mashimaro encore – 2 (OVA) [An]”

  1. Was there a translation checker or quality checker for this OVA? Because the English was terrible.

    Oddly, it started off fine (as I recall), then about halfway through it became really bad.

  2. What on earth are you talking about? The English was fine. And yes, there was a translation checker, and a native English language Editor.

    Also, anime-rg encourages your constructive criticism, so if you have any doubts of a particular line, point them out; there might have been typos, which were missed.

  3. There were some timing issues in the first scene. I’ll post line information if I get a chance.

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