Ichigo Mashimaro encore 1v2 (OVA) [An]

Ichigo Mashimaro encore – 1 (OVA), version 2. Fixes various things.

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Shouten was not translated because it was said in English and the next line already explained what it meant, thus there would be no point repeating something. Also, this was NOT a pun. Yes, it may be true, “shouten” means shop and ascension but there is no reaction of a pun here from any characters.

If anyone is confused with or need clarifcation on other terms and phrases, leave a comment, and we’ll add it here.

13 thoughts on “Ichigo Mashimaro encore 1v2 (OVA) [An]”

  1. Raw Source used is now iso instead of a dvd-rip. Editing and translation fixes have been made. Correct resolution/AR. Aside from that, nothing else. Same typeset, same fonts, etc.

  2. and a few lines un-finished being typed; 9:11-9:16, 12:53, 22:39-22:40, 23:59-24:01. Other than that no other problems, Thanx 4 Dha subs. Also waiting for episode 12 of Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo… JAANA~

  3. It seems you are having some playback trouble. I highly suggest you uninstall every codec pack you have installed on your PC and install CCCP, that is if you use Windows. Or, just follow the procedure given on this site.

  4. Just wondering if you are going to get part 2 done ASAP or not. I think it was released some days ago and since I love the series I’m very interested in seeing it pop up translated soon.

  5. @alchemist11- Your telling me, I have that pack and is the only thing I use to watch my anime. Well I understand a bit of what they say, but still will un-install the codecs and then re-install them again later.

  6. I was goin over the script with the agis(forgot the name of it, it appeared there). For some reason it does not appear on my Zoom or WMP Classic. Might be a problem with the settings in the haalei media splitter, will see later… thanx 4 dha releases of both the last episodes, still waiting for the last episode 12 of Kono Aozora Ni Yakusoku Wo… JAANA~

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