D-Frag! Ch 53 [Mg]

Sexual HarassementHere’s a new chapter. What do you guys think about the anime? The pace is slower than I though but I still enjoy it. Anyway, enjoy your sexual harassment chapter.

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PS: We’re still looking a translator for this.


9 thoughts on “D-Frag! Ch 53 [Mg]”

  1. Yeah, it felt like the anime had less impact. Still gonna follow it. Must see Funabori and Conecone. Many thanks for the chap!

  2. Thanks!

    The only problem I have with the anime is Chitose’s design and the BGM music is rather awful. Other than that it’s alright.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    And I find the anime to be pretty enjoyable. I feel that it’s gonna be a decent adaptation.

  4. I loved the anime. If I had one problem, it’s that the more specific jokes were left out. Like the introducing the club members part, or when Chitose picked up the locker, those things.
    I don’t expect it to reach the Hashimoto’s Island Arc, but I hope it at least finishes Tama-chan-senpais arc without leaving some of it out.

  5. what i don’t like about anime is choice of seiyuu
    i always like itou shizuka, but as onee-chan character.
    and riku too.
    maybe it’s just me

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