D-Frag! Ch 52 [Mg]

After months of the usual no translator, we’ve finally able to release the new chapter. Yay!  Also the anime start next month. I hope it’s a good one.Isn't this a nice cover?

Dropbox | DDL

By the way, if someone even bother to check the previous chapter after reading this one, you probably realize that we remove every Takafudou’s Desuno~ line. Starting from this chapter, we’ve decide to keep it for no important reason.

Also, we still looking for a translator so please contact us if you want to do this manga.

7 thoughts on “D-Frag! Ch 52 [Mg]”

  1. Just wondering, are you guys still trucking along for the second Drama CD or is it in indefinite suspension for now? No need to give an ETA or anything, just wanted to know if you guys are still doing it.

    1. Right now there’s no plan for the Drama CD. My current plan is to catch the with the newest chapter in Japan. If someone want to do the Drama CD or translate it, I can help.

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