D-Frag! Ch 47 [Mg]

And here’s the next chapter. Thanks to all the staff who still want to do this and everyone who patiently waiting for the new chapter.

Thanks for everyone suggestion for the file sharing site. I decide to use Mega for now. If anyone have problem with the link, please comment here.

Chapter 47 reaction


alchemist11 edit: the latest two releases have been added onto the Mediafire Archives (see link in sidebar).

12 thoughts on “D-Frag! Ch 47 [Mg]”

  1. There is rumor that Sunrise announces a D-Frag! anime adaptation scheduled for spring 2014. I really hope that’s true, though it’s just a rumor.

    1. That is very unlikely and honestly would be surprising. D-Frag! is not a manga that fits Sunrise’s portfolio. Sunrise is known for Mecha, Shounen, Action and Idol anime. Also, Media Factory (publisher of D-Frag!) hasn’t worked with Sunrise, as lead production studio, in the last three years (maybe more). Most of their anime adaptations has been with Arms, AIC Build, J.C.Staff, Xebec, and Silver Link. If anything, Media Factory shall be working with those five studios for an anime adaptation.

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