D-Frag! ch. 46 [Mg]

It’s been a while. I’m quite busy with my job and quite forgot about d-frag! for a while. Better late than never though, so here we go. A new chapter of D-Frag!

I can’t promise to release the rest of the chapter as soon as possible though but chapter 47 is coming soon. Btw, there’s only a direct download link for now.

.Chapter 46

filecloud | sendspace | ddl ]

PS: Anyone got recommendation for a good file sharing site?

Update: It seems many people have problem with filecloud so I put sendspace link. I’m still looking for a good file sharing site.

16 thoughts on “D-Frag! ch. 46 [Mg]”

  1. ZOMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I was just thinking yesterday that i haven’t read D-Frag in a while.

  2. WHY YOU!!

    I think filecloud good enough, beside that I also like zippyshare, & sharebeast. No waiting.

    Btw, maybe you guys can do a join project with other group for this if you find it hard to continue with your current team.

    1. If there’s any group who want to help us with this, I will gladly accept. Sadly, I’m quite busy right now so I can’t see other groups to ask about this, but if they want to help and want to contact me, please e-mail me in crestdragon2000@yahoo.com

  3. Dropbox and mega are the current equivalent of old mediafire (before it sucked).

  4. I just found this recently, and I really love it! Thank you very much, guys!

    For ddl, I can suggest some site like Mega, sendspace, ge.tt
    Sorry to bother you, but I want to ask about 2nd drama cd of D-frag. If u don’t have time to translate it, can u release the raw for now? Coz I really like it, whether it’s translated or not.

    Thank you again for ur attention.

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