15 thoughts on “Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo – 04 [An]”

  1. [You’re from Bandung Right?]
    Wah.. Akhirnya keluar juga… ^^
    Ditunggu Episode berikutnya… ^^

    Ah…. Finally… ^^
    Can’t wait for the Next Episodes… ^^

  2. [04:55 GMT] so, figure out your time zone

    I’m auto seeding Episodes 1, 2, and 3 for the next 12 hours as a public service.

    Get’em while they’re hot…

  3. Whew, better check Biggest or Rileks then..^^
    Torrent sucks here.. <_<
    Looking forward the next eps..
    Thank you very much.. nuhun :p

  4. [15:30] GMT

    Ya ta! I see there’s a boatload of seeds for Eps 1, 2, and 3 now.
    Yosh… my work here is done… ^_^

  5. Thanks Babbit, and also for those who seeds.
    @Qboel : you knew, right, that biggest server has been down for a while.

  6. You guys are slow insulting humans. This should have been done long time ago. Pests like you who work but not enough to make things right! I want all this to be done as far as I am watching raws now, it is quite annoying without a universal translator! So sub this in English now! Not in 10 000 years. None of you fools dare to tell otherwise for I know all and your feelings are the least. Get this thing done NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! Everything else matters not and not.

  7. Im not as spz-like as Darkside… but Im probably dropping this series for a couple years, at least until all of it is translated, or if another group picks it up…

  8. I’ve already translated episode 5-8. I’ll finish the translation by the end of September, that is, before the new semester starts. So, just hope that we can finish this long overdue project around October or November.

  9. Holy sh. I totally missed the release of episode 4 and I just browsed by here noticing the first 3 episodes on my HD and wondering what the status of this project was. Luckily the Megaupload link is still working 🙂

    I have to voice the same sentiment as Chad though in the respect that I to will await the other releases before starting to watch this one again. Because of the long hiatus in releases (and that’s not critising but just stating a fact) one completely has forgotten what the story is about by the time one sees the next episode.

    Hopefully you are able to finish it off in the timeframe you mentioned Jupiter. Until then we’ll be waiting.

  10. Oh, by the way, is there anybody who want to be the English language editor for this project? The job is not that hard, just checking the spelling and grammar, and maybe doing some minor re-phrasing to the dialog (for the last part you need to discuss it with the translator, for the time being, me)

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