D-Frag! ch. 12 [Mg]

And here is another everyone. I apologise for the awkward English in this chapter, but there was barely anything I could do to fix it (initial English was as bad). Oh, if someone helped us do some form of TLC or something (I would appreciate that)~ Anyway, only two chapters (plus a special) are left for volume 2 and then we go onto volume 3… Enjoy!

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D-Frag! ch. 09 [Mg]

Hello everyone. As a favour to edogawaconan, I proofread this manga (and may for more) as people have pointed out. There are still 7 (full) noticeable grammatical and 1.5 (half) structural changes I would make, but for minimal viewing, this suffices. Also, 7 out of the 20 pages is not bad (compared to the minimum one per page previously). I should also point out, this is my first time proofreading manga as I normally just edit anime. Thankfully though, Fidzerone’s English translation is much better than Zack’s anime translation (no offense to him). Anyway, enjoy.

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D-Frag! ch. 07 [Mg]

New project!

(being done by different team, btw)

Saki 72 will be released once I get over my laziness, stop playing mahjong and start typesetting it.

In meantime, enjoy this lolrandom manga instead. Chapter 1-6 has been scanlated by some other groups. I have no comment about the quality though.

Oh and this chapter (and next one) was edited by unqualified editors. Editors are welcome.


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*Update: apparently I fail at uploading shit.