Yoiko – 19-20 [An]

And we’re done. Would you believe that it took us less time to finish this than Kono Ao?

Once again, I would like to thank all the people that helped us complete this series: Jupiter_RingsID of anime-rg, Waruiko (freelancer; this is not his real alias), kokujin-kun, blakbunnie27 (freelancer), Cecelia, nollarg, pitty (freelancer), PlasticYakuza (freelancer), Anonymous and TeKNO for the raw provison. Anonymous (his real alias will also remain unknown to you) of ray=out and slowa, I mean, edogawaconan of anime-rg for the encoding. Everyone mentioned above are male, apart from our QC, Samika, who stuck with us on the anime all the way through. And yes, she is a real female, not a random fat dude sitting behind a computer in the basement of some unknown country.

Torrents: [ Episode 19 ] – [ Episode 20 ]

6 thoughts on “Yoiko – 19-20 [An]”

    1. Yes, there shall be a batch. It will be out in the coming weekend. Why then? We have fixed and changed several things since releasing all of the episodes, so those episodes will receive a version 2. It won’t be stated in the name, however.

  1. Woa.. I remember this being subbed long time ago! Good to see it’s complete. I never watched it, but maybe I’ll download the batch So what was your impression of the series? (No spoiler, no flaming, lol).

    1. For myself personally, “I must admit, this series was very entertaining.” I went on to say that I found it much more comedic than comedic anime of present day. Samika mentioned to me that it pushed the boundaries (and went overboard) at times, which I agree with.

      I also thought that this series would garner a lot of fans over time, but I noticed the download count went in decline. I apologise for that. Overall, our thoughts in the anime are pretty much in the same boat as Kyle from the Geek Tragedy Podcast, so check that out: http://www.npccomics.com/geektragedy/?p=279

      1. By “went overboard” should I understand stepping in the (very) ecchi bounday? If so that was unavoidable, it’s anime we’re talking about, furthermore seinen, though ecchi is even more proeminent now.

        About garner a lot of fans, I don’t know, I just say to not let it put you down. First time I heard about this series was someone talking that a friend watched it a long time ago in Japan and never found it subbed neither any information and that they were doing a join to sub if, having finally found the raws, or something like that. I remember seeing this series then one or two times being released, I completely forgot it till I see your release in TokyotoTosho of ep 19/20, then I said, ‘hey, isn’t this that series?’. So fans can /came with time. Furthermore we’re in the summit of the 720p ecchi era, it’s difficult draw fans for series more ‘antique’ (before the explosion of the 21century) but some eventually discover anime. You know I wathched Utena, First of the North Star and some anime quite unknow (Like Kaiba I’m watching right now, freaking cyber punk, though the cartoon-like drawing scary fans), fo0r all of them I was quite indecisive first, truth to be told, that graphics for someone that was raise watching shakugan no shana, Toradora, Zero no Tsukaima and such wasn’t atractive but I tried them eventually. Yes I’m a big ecchi/fan-service/good story line fan. Normally I don’t watch comedy, but considering I’ve downloaded I lot recently cough*nichijou/dororon*cough I’m really looking forward to see it. And I myself like kansai-bei, the sonority is so great, when speak by women, so yes, his was one of the first tags I noticed in the anime.

        So, to tldr: I’ll definitly try this either when the batches come out or individually downloading them, keep up the good work and congratulations for bringing this unknow series to light, there are so many of them that but the availiability (specially raws) is quite difficult and the worries of your work not being appreciated, good work in advance!

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