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  1. Yes, I know the image above is a spoiler, but we were expecting her to appear sooner or later anyway. And she’s on the cover of volume 4.

  2. @alchemist11
    I have no idea what you’re talking about but what I know is that you guys are awesome.

  3. Who cares if it’s a spoiler when you guys are releasing 2 chaps of my favorite series in one day =0P? Thanks a lot for the chapters =03!

  4. Oh, right. And thanks fidzerone. We all like seeing aniki & onii-chan better than the english words

  5. @alchy
    her name Is NOE, not NAO

    thank you; I will keep up my effort to make you guys laughin’

        1. Nope. I don’t even read those. It was just a coincidental mistake I made between “now” as in it’s out now and Kazama’s younger sister’s name, Noe.

      1. Ah I see. I said this because even before she mentioned her name, she reminded me of the “N”s of brotherly love; Nao(from Oniichan KoNaZen) and Noa(from Oniichan Control), both who are the main heroine’s of their perspective stories and the main male’s sister, whom she loves TO DEATH. I just thought it was ironic her name is Noe, given her brother-loving personality (>.>).

  6. Question: why did you stop using Mediafire? This Filesonic thing seems inferior in every single respect, at least from the downloader’s side…

    1. http://yfrog.com/g1monezp

      There’s no return with Mediafire. Half of the ongoing amount we have accumulated and still are belong to the anime-rg team from Saki and D-Frag releases, while the other half are from manga (raw/scanned) releases that I do personally. The aim is to use it for the purchase of high quality scans or things related with our releases, take the drama cd for example (which can only be bought at retail price within Japan at about 40 USD). Jupiter of anime-rg and a former fan-sub friend of mine both live in Japan, so acquiring such things can be done easily.

      1. I see. That’s too bad, I can download 3.5 files per hour at most with Filesonic. I’d use the torrents but most of the links in older blog posts go nowhere.

    1. See above. If you are unable to download via FileSonic for whatever reason, you can always resort to torrent which will be available roughly 24 hours after the direct download release.

  7. Just a little note about the translation: every time I read “he”, I think about the English word he. Try making it “heh?!” or something instead to avoid confusion like that. 🙂

  8. “for the sake of plot and moe”
    “you siscon”
    “amazing boobs!!”
    “he didn’t say a single word after that. but later, he bought the most expensive ice cream for me”

    too much win in this chapter that made me roll in the floor!
    also, I don’t mind filesonic xD
    you guys deserves loves from your readers

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